TheisCraft EmergiCraft range of emergency lighting and control products.

Tablet based stand-alone DALI Emergency Monitoring system which offers customers a stand-alone fully DALI compliant self-test system controlled from an iPad™ via a TCP/IP network and wireless access point.

TheisCraft’s emergency lighting test system consists of one or more touch screens each supporting up to ten DALI Emergency hubs. Each hub has two separate DALI field networks supporting up to 64 DALI devices each. Each touch screen and associated DALI Emergency Hub has the capacity to manage up to 1,280 DALI emergency devices. These devices can be allocated to one of 16 testing groups. Up to eight touch screens can be networked together to form a system which can potentially accommodate up to 10,240 DALI emergency devices.

The Emergency Monitoring software monitors all the emergency lights linked to the system. The system will schedule and run an emergency test and has the ability to schedule tests per floor / area as designated on the front end. The system has the facility to schedule testing on a calendar based schedule, either functional or durational tests can be set which are time definable to all European procedures 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 3, 5, 6 or 7 hours.

The system generates a report which can be exported to excel.

EmergiCraft Emergency Monitoring

TheisCraft EmergiCraft App


  • At a glance system status information.
  • System diagnostic information.
  • Alert messages and colour coding of status graphics.
  • Configurable automatic testing schedule.
  • Logging of the last 11 Monthly Function Tests and 5 Annual Duration Tests.
  • Results are sent to a printer for hard copy records (Apple AirPrint™ compatible). Results may also be emailed (Internet connectivity required).

Our aim is to give a better solution for the lighting control and management by providing:

  • Intuitive user interfaces.
  • User friendly tools for energy management helping to reduce the energy consumed by a building’s lighting.
  • Out of the box tools and reporting for functions such as routine emergency lighting tests.
  • Live remote reporting of faults and failures using email and automated work sheets.
  • High levels of customer focused technical support and site commissioning.
  • Ongoing routine maintenance and support packages for the life of the system.

EmergiCraft Emergency LED Luminaires

Over the years we have been manufacturing lighting controls and modular wiring products and it became clear that there is a real need for us to be able to offer emergency lighting products to accompany the lighting controls.

We are pleased that we can now offer emergency lighting products that fully comply to ICEL, BS EN 61347-2-7 and BS EN 60598222.

All our 3 Watt fittings run at 700mA and are available in standard format 3 hour duration as well as in DALI and self-test.

IP44 rated double sided LED exit sign

IP65 rated 3 Watt LED luminaire

IP 65 rated 2 Watt LED luminaire

IP41 rated 3 Watt LED luminaire

Available in Switchable Maintained, Non-Maintained or Self-Test versions. Suitable for mounting in several different ways – surface / recessed / pendant.

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