Cabling is a fundamental part of a building providing the connectivity for reliable performance.

Cabling is a fundamental part of a building providing the connectivity which is important for reliable performance. Our structured modular wiring arrives on site pre-wired and pre-tested where its plug and play format makes it quick and easy to fit, reducing installation time, minimising disruption at ground level thereby maximising productivity on site.

By integrating different types of cabling it is possible to maximise the efficiency of the system, for example using modular wiring to connect the supply of light fittings, fan coil units, small power and cleaner sockets and also integrate with a DALI based programmable control system. It has been estimated that using a structured cabling system can provide the contractor with average 30% savings on the final installed cost.

It is rare for a building not to undergo changes over subsequent years. This more structured approach to the building’s wiring system makes it easier to re-configure services and accommodate changes.

Modular Wiring Systems

Master Distribution Box (MDB)


Standard MDBs provide an easy to install plug and play solution.

Constructed from our aluminium extrusion which is cut to length as governed by the number of ports as the male and female connectors are manufactured as individual
modules, and the number of cores / size of the copex.

Adopting the tried and tested MDB approach to pre-manufactured power and lighting cable systems in either metal flexible conduit or LSF soft skin cables or both. Cable sizes from 1.0mm through to 6.0mm can be supplied and MDBs typically in configurations of 6 and 9 port.

Both DALI or Network cables can also be carried through the conduit to allow for control of either lighting, BMS systems or both.

Switched Fuse Spur


TheisCraft’s Modular Wiring Switched Fuse Spur is supplied in a pre-manufactured unit.

Fused T-distributors have a 2-pole switch (N, L) with a 5 x 20 mm fuse. Fused T-distributors come provided with 10 A fuse. The fuse drawer has space for a spare fuse and, if needed the fuse holder can be padlocked into an open position for secured isolation. The fused T-distributors also comes with a switch. The switch indicates if the power is on in the downwards going outlet. The switch is lit and has an O/I indicator. Suitable for supplying VAV and Fan Coil Units.


Armoured Leads

TheisCraft’s Modular Wiring is supplied in a zinc coated steel enclosure.
We typically provide 3 and 5 Pole Extenders, Male to Free End and Female to Free End.

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