Balancing the colour of light to simulate the natural daylight cycle.

Tunable White (also known as Human Centric Lighting) balances the artificial light in our daily environment to simulate the natural daylight cycle. We change the colour of light from warm to cool.

A person’s natural circadian rhythm can benefit from a low intensity warmer light in the morning and evening, and a cooler more energising light during the main part of the day, helping to improve comfort, energy levels, mood, performance and even a better night’s sleep – and sleep is at the core of our health.

Tunable White provides improved well-being for patients in hospital, students in education and employees in offices by varying the colour temperature and intensity of the LED luminaires throughout the day.

For tunable white projects the LED fixtures and the lighting controls should be chosen at the same time to ensure the two can work together successfully. The end result is the next most exciting thing in lighting control.

Tunable White – Human Centric Lighting

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