Welcome to TheisCraft

TheisCraft manufactures and supplies lighting control (smart lighting) products, modular wiring systems and emergency lighting to the commercial and high-end residential sectors. We provide the lighting controls, soft skin and armoured lighting leads, emergency lighting and monitoring – even lighting itself. The complete package.

TheisCraft uses the latest in lighting control system technology to provide the full range of system capability with presence / absence detection, scheduled programme control, daylight harvesting, tunable white and wireless systems.

About Theiscraft Lighting Controls

Find out about our experienced team

Our experienced sales, operations, production and commissioning teams are on hand to guide you through any project application you may consider.

Lighting control and modular wiring solutions

Our production teams assemble lighting control and modular wiring solutions which are delivered straight to site. Once installed by the contractor our commissioning engineers will optimise the performance of the system to maximise potential energy savings. We will provide you with a commissioning certificate for your project handover.

Once the project is completed we will be on hand to support the system through site visits and maintenance contracts to ensure the building functions the way it must for the client.