Industry leading RAPID lighting control just got better

Industry leading RAPID leads the market with the next generation products.

Fully addressable and networkable, combining state-of-the-art technology RAPID meets the most demanding lighting control and energy management applications cost effectively.

Lights left on in an empty building are a sign of wasted energy and unnecessary carbon emissions. Control your lighting environment to ensure your building is as energy efficient as possible. Lighting controls can also improve comfort, create ambiance and reduce maintenance through use of daylight harvesting, scene setting, presence / absence detection and the new exciting tunable white or human centric lighting which balances artificial light to simulate the natural daylight cycle so helping to improve occupants’ energy levels, mood, performance and sleep patterns.

Next generation commercial lighting controls from TheisCraft

Lights left on in empty buildings are a sure sign of waste and unnecessary carbon emissions.

Whatever your project size or its requirements you can be sure Theiscraft has the experience and infrastructure required to get the job done

Better control of lighting can reduce costs by 30-50%, and significantly reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

– The Carbon Trust

Area Controller


The Area Controller allows all LCMs on a floor to communicate with each other as well as enabling communication between floors and / or a Head End PC.  The Area Controller also allows the system to be sub-divided into different zones. The built in Time Scheduler with battery back-up allows for timed events such as local lighting and emergency test schedules. Pre-programmed emergency test durations of three hours, one hour and 10 minutes are available.

The need to integrate with other building systems is ever increasing and we offer this through RS232, Bacnet and KNX.

The RAPID Area Controller has 3 switchable field BUS outputs for connection of floor networks including LCMs, hardwired modules, and DALI gateways. In addition to this there are 3 corresponding RJ45 ports for RAPID field BUS monitoring via the engineer’s laptop. There is also TCP/IP addressability via an on board Ethernet Port which allows for connectivity to the building network.

Mains is connected and looped (if required) by the dual Live, Earth, and Neutral terminals. 8 ELV inputs also allow for direct connection of switches to the Area Controller, there is also an integrated volt free output for connection of emergency test or other interfaces.

New 8 - 12 Channel Pluggable RAPID LCM


The latest generation of RAPID Lighting Control Module (LCM) comes as either a single 8 – 12 channel unit or as DIN rail mounted panels. Providing the ideal solution for commercial projects and including new and innovative features to benefit the specifier, installer and client.

The standard RAPID LCM has eight or twelve individually addressable outputs to allow for fully independent control of DALI/DSI/1-10v or switching only fittings.

The modular design allows you to specify for Cat A and is expandable for Cat B using a four output plugin module giving 12 outputs in total. This reduces cost at fit out stage.

Scene Selection Plates


Scene Selection Plates allow lights to be controlled at different levels and in different groups to create ‘room scenes’. We can programme between one and eight different scenes, raise / lower light levels and switch lights on and off. Fade rates can be configured to meet the needs of the surrounding environment.

Typically finished in stainless steel although any finish or colour can be produced to order.

The introduction of the third column means we can now offer blind control functions from one plate. This works with many blind and shade systems as well as our own blind control module. Our new control plates can be addressed to have multiple control of rooms by assigning columns of buttons to different rooms or groups of lighting circuits.

Presence / Absence Detectors

Having lights on in an empty room or space costs money so we use sensors to detect presence and absence and automatically turn lights on or off as required. There are two types of sensor:

PIR (Passive Infra-Red) Detectors detect change in the infra-red spectrum from body heat and movement within a defined field.

Microwave Detectors transmit energy and measure the energy reflected back from objects in the room. They are very sensitive to movement and operate over long ranges and through glass. They are ideal for large spaces and awkward shaped areas where fine motion detection is required.

Alternative colour options are available to special order. We can accommodate most RAL colours.

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