A full suite of commercial and architectural lighting control solutions

Control your lighting environment to ensure the building is as energy efficient as possible whilst providing occupants with a comfortable and efficient environment through use of daylight linking, scene setting, presence and/or absence detection and fully addressable DALI/dsi or    1-10v dimming.

System design and CAD support are part of the services we offer and our experienced sales and support teams are on hand to guide you through any project application you may consider.

Our production teams assemble BREEAM compliant lighting control and modular wiring solutions which are delivered straight to site. Once installed by the contractor our commissioning engineers will optimise the performance of the system to maximise potential energy savings. We will provide your commissioning certificate for your project handover.

Our range of innovative lighting control solutions for  commercial and architectural projects

Lights left on in empty buildings are a sure sign of waste and unnecessary carbon emissions.

Better control of lighting can reduce costs by 30-50%, and significantly reduce carbon emissions at the same time

– The Carbon Trust