TheisCraft partners with LAMP Lighting, RZB and JLC-Tech.

When it comes to lighting in commercial premises there’s more choice than ever before. As well as supplying innovative lighting control technology, TheisCraft works with carefully chosen LED luminaire manufacturers to provide the complete lighting & controls solution from a single source.

TheisCraft recognises that customers want to purchase LED luminaires that perfectly complement its cutting edge lighting control solutions. By working in close partnership with some of the lighting industry’s most innovative companies including LAMP Lighting, RZB and JLC-TECH, TheisCraft is able to provide a complete lighting system from a single source.

Choosing the right luminaire technology for a commercial building is vital. While its primary function is to enable occupants to accomplish a task or activity, there is growing recognition  that good quality lighting plays a key role in maintaining the conditions that can enhance happiness and wellbeing.

LED lighting can help reduce your lighting energy cost by 40% -60% and because lamps have a longer lifespan maintenance costs are usually reduced too.



TheisCraft completes portfolio with range of Commercial Lighting

TheisCraft partners with LAMP Lighting, RZB and JLC-Tech.

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