Intelligent lighting controls system saves energy and improves comfort

Current building control regulations require buildings to be built or refurbished to the highest energy saving standards.

A Lighting Control System can help eliminate energy waste and improve comfort by balancing the light provided by the building and the light needed by occupants. For example a restaurant may use scene setting to change the ambience from brighter at lunchtime to softer and darker in the evening.

  • Instead of traditional uniform lighting we use photocell sensors to vary the output of lights in areas near windows to those in darker areas away from windows.
  • Scheduled lighting control is used throughout an entire building or across an entire floor. The lighting can be programmed to turn on in the morning, then dim or turn off in the evening with built in adjustment for seasonal and hour change.
  • Sensors detect presence and/or absence so lights are turned off when a room is unoccupied saving energy. Lights are automatically turned on to pre-programmed levels when occupancy is detected.
Why do you need Lighting Controls?

Huge electricity savings to be made

“Lighting uses around 20% of the electricity generated in the UK; non-domestic lighting is responsible for around 24 million tonnes CO2 / year.” – The Carbon Trust