Introducing the unique and innovative T-BAR LED™

TheisCraft is pleased to offer to the UK market JLC-TECH’s T-BAR LED™. Totally unique and innovative in concept, the T-BAR LED demonstrates how high-performance LEDs can be used to create lighting fixtures that double as a building material, while distributing the required light in commercial spaces. The T-BAR LED™ is not just a light but an integral part of the suspended ceiling grid, easily mounted into a new construction or retrofit during renovation.

The T-BAR LED is a minimalistic low voltage linear lighting fixture that snaps tool-free into the grid with minimal labour, actually taking the place of cross members in a ceiling suspension system. Due to the lights only occupying the grid, ceiling panels remain uninterrupted. This creates a uniform ceiling design and optimizes sound absorption and light reflection. A concept so clear and simple it’s stunning!

Lighting layouts are easy and flexible, resulting in more uniform illumination and the ability to achieve the foot candles required. In addition, the low profile of the T-BAR LED leaves the space above the ceiling completely unoccupied and facilitates the co-ordination of placing other ceiling utilities.

Utilizing the T-BAR LED in a suspended ceiling system greatly reduces building materials, labour and waste on a job site, all while saving energy.

Thanks to patented technology, the junction point temperature of the LED is maintained below the maximum rating allowed by the LED manufacturer, insuring product longevity. The T-BAR LED™ is a step into the future, changing the way we illuminate spaces.

JLC-TECH at a glance

TheisCraft is JLC-Tech's appointed distributor for the unique and innovative T-BAR LED in the UK. Utilizing the T-BAR LED in a suspended ceiling system greatly reduces building materials and labour on site, all while saving energy.

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How the T-BAR LED integrates wit the suspended ceiling system

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