TheisCraft is delighted to be the UK distributor for the original LED Puck Snap and Solo.

Designed and manufactured in Australia from 316 stainless steel the Puck is a truly innovative and stylish integrated LED fixture which blends seamlessly into handrails offering unrivalled uniformity and photometric performance.

We have Pucks suitable for brass and wooden handrails with curved or flat mounting surface with a minimum wall thickness of 1.5mm and a minimum diameter of 25mm. There is no upper limit on wall-thickness or diameter.

Puck Snap is designed to sit in metalwork and Puck Solo is designed to sit in wood / plasterboard.

Compatible with Emergency Lighting and one of the few LED modules available with an impressive IK10 impact rating of 10 (IEC 62262) and IP65.

Available in three beam types including RGBW and works with any dimming protocol.

Small ( Ø15mm) and unobtrusive yet offering powerful illumination, the Puck sits perfectly flush within the handrail. It’s fast and easy to install due to its patented design, and once fitted the Puck cannot be tampered with, the only way to remove it is with a unique tool.

For more information please contact Richard Merchant.