TheisCraft appointed UK distributors for the innovative T-BAR LED

Change the way people view the traditional ceiling grid.

TheisCraft is pleased to offer to the UK market the innovative T-BAR LED. Unique and innovative in concept, this minimalistic low voltage linear lighting fixture snaps tool-free into the grid with minimal labour, actually taking the place of cross members in a ceiling suspension system. Due to the lights only occupying the grid, ceiling panels remain uninterrupted. This creates a uniform ceiling design and optimizes sound absorption and light reflection.

A wide choice of finish provides the ability to create dynamic light effects. Illuminated directional signs allow for the double function of lighting and signage. There’s also the option of a combination of separate RGB and white emitters allowing for precise control across the colour spectrum providing tunable white light, or bold splashes of colour.

A concept to clear and simple it’s stunning!

Richard Merchant, commercial director with TheisCraft, commented “We are delighted to be able to supply the T-BAR LED to the UK market. Having seen it installed the effects created can be really stunning.”